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My name is Roy Macgregor-Esposo Espiritu, the Philippines’ first and only Filipino piper to date. I am a Filipino of Scottish descent from the Macgregors of Nairn, Scotland. Growing up in a family that is well in touch with its Scottish roots, I grew up listening to the music of Scotland and the Great Highland Bagpipes.

The music of the Great Highland Bagpipes is very unique and haunting and can stir up deep human emotions. That is why I have made it my instrument of choice.

I am available for Weddings, corporate events as well as other special events that require the music of the Great Highland Bagpipes as well as the presence of an authentic Highland piper.


Wedding Piper

Arrange for Roy to play and have a wedding that family and friends shall talk about for years. According to tradition, if the piper is first to greet the new bride groom, a long and prosperous marriage is assured.

Piper's Remembrance

A proper tribute. Usually reserved for funerals, but can be for any day of remembering - civilians, military, firefighters or law enforcement officers.

Piper at Dusk

Delight guests by having a piper play a majestic air as the sun slips below the horizon. Your guests shall recall that sunset always.

Pipes for Promotions

Call Roy to promote your corporate event. A Piper can seize people's attention like nothing else.

Golfing with Pipes

Golf and pipes complement each other like single-malt whiskies and hand-rolled cigars. The pipes' skirl will make any golfer feel as if they were about to tee off at St. Andrew's.

• Feel free to contact me for any questions or my rates, my email is roy at 

Roy the Pinoypiper

available for weddings, memorial services, golf tournaments or any occasion.